Motif In The Community

Support Our Small Business

Motif needs your support. Enrolling in our studio's is the best way one can support our small business. You can also help us by mentioning our studio to friends and family members that are looking for dance classes or classes to stay active.


Another way to show your support is by partnering with us to keep our dancers dancing. This support will provide relief for our studio's operational cost. Dance is extremely important to our dancers. It helps the dancers with their mental and physical health. Lets work to keep them dancing.



Our Mission is to provide a safe and exciting learning environment to all dancers of all experience levels and ages. We are dedicated to providing quality instruction, while focusing on the mental and physical abilities of each dancer. Dance is a forever giving outlet, where one gets to express themselves in ways they may not be able to verbally. It fuels the soul and hearts of many.



Inspire Dancers to Dream Big through Dance.

Motif Dance Studio LLC, a studio focused on achieving the exceptional standards of dance. We believe in nurturing creativity and artistic development through offering a warm and positive environment to foster the growth that all dancers want and need.


We Appreciate Our Donors

Thank you for your Covid Relief Donation. Motif appreciates your support to our dance studio!

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  • Ann Weber- Holgrafer

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